IEEE GIKI Student Branch introduced a new module in NEO ’15 for the programmers out there and is ready to continue it in NEO ‘18. Code Hunt will take place in our highly equipped Lab of Electrical & Electronics Faculty giving you all a chance to test your programming skills at their best in a given span of time. The most elegant code wins it all.


The languages for this competition are Java and C++ and the IDEs are:
• TurboC
• CodeBlocks
• NetBeans IDE 7.0
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
• Eclipse


• Maximum 4 members per team are allowed.
• Any collaboration with other team members by any means at all (via mobile phones, social media, email etc.) is strictly prohibited.
• Decisions made by the judges are final and cannot be challenged.
• Each IDE to be used, other than the ones described above, must be notified to IEEE GIKI at least one week before the event. No requests will be entertained after that.


• The competition overall will be of 2 hours with 8 problems at hand.
• The problems will only be displayed at the time of the competition.
• Computers will be provided by IEEE GIKI and no other external hardware or software is allowed.
• A few sample Input and the expected Output will be provided. Participants are to modify that code in the most elegant way to produce the Output applying the concept of reverse engineering.
• The competition requires the participants to be familiar with File Handling in their chosen programming language.
• There will be NO problem statement. The participants are to figure out the code by looking at the Inputs and the Outputs provided.
• Participants are advised to check the link http://www. for sample problems.
• Scores will be awarded for each problem. The team with the highest score wins. In case of a tie, time taken to solve the problem will be the judging criteria.


The input files will be with an “.in” extension against which you have to submit the output files. The outputs of all the problems will be required to be written in the file with extension “.out”.

Contact Information:

        Mirza Hamza :   +92 347 8769458

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