PCB design is organized by IEEE GIKI SB every year. This module does not only demand prompt assembling skills but also an exceptional aesthetics sense. This competition is a challenge for innovative minds in which we aim to explore the most attractive yet efficient design out of all.


• It is a complete software based competition.
• Maximum of 4 members are allowed in each team.
• All the teams are required to complete the given task within time. The time allowed is mentioned in the details.
• Judging criteria would be based on efficiency, effectiveness, time utilized, neatness and understanding of the design.
• Understanding of the design would be considered most important while judging the tasks.
• The actual marking scheme of marking sheets would not be revealed to any of the participants.
• The decision of the evaluators would be final and would not be brought under consideration in any case.
• Teams will be disqualified if found using any unfair means or violating any rule.
• Laptops are not allowed.


• It is a single round competition.
• Software: The only software allowed is Ares [Proteus].
• Teams are encouraged to use manual routing.
• Time: 2 hours

Contact Information:

        Shayan Arif :   +92 341 2239289

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